My name is Layla and I am a junior in high school. I am excited to be launching Layla’s Corner of Consideration, as part of the Pavé The Way®. Through this platform, I will host meaningful conversation with young changemakers throughout my community and across the country!

As a student at an all girls school, it is really important to me that women are given the opportunity to raise their voices about any issues that are important to them. I run a club called World Connect, where we fundraise for any charity around the world of our choice, which focuses on supporting underprivileged women. It is so important to me that all members of our club feel that they are passionate and excited about the cause that we are supporting, which is why we make the decision as a group. I love Pavé The Way® because it gives customers this same ability to support any cause that is specifically personal to them. It is so empowering and rewarding to know exactly where your money is going and who it is benefitting!

As a member of Pavé The Way®’s “Rising Leaders” program, it is my goal to cater Pavé The Way®’s mission to young adults like myself. This rising generation of teenagers has so much power to make change in our world, and motivating high school students to advocate for the causes they care about is the first step. My hope is that other students can feel as connected to this jewelry -and what it stands for- as I do.